Monday, May 20, 2013

Confronting Racism in Conversation - 2nd Sunday's All Summer

--a 3 hour practice salon--
Hosted by members of the Pittsburgh Coalition for Racial Justice and WWHAT’S UP! 

2nd Sunday of the month all Summer! at the Bricolage -Downtown - 937 Liberty Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

 June 9th – 2-5pm – The Joys and Frustrations of Fighting for Racial Justice – We will focus on humor as a tactic and discuss personal challenges to sustaining energy while challenging white supremacy.
July 14th – 11-2pm - Patriotism and White Supremacy. This session will focus on xenophobia and white america’s fear of Arab Americans and Muslims.
August 11th – 11-2pm - Family- We will generate strategies for talking to family members about racism and prejudice.
One Solid Hour of Role Play WILL BE DELIVERED!

It's a potluck! Bring something to share. A vegan, gluten free option provided. 

RSVP if you can. (Feel free to inquire the demographics of who has RSVPed - it has been helpful in the past for some people of color to know if other people of color had rsvped)

For real, how many times a week does someone --friend, stranger, co-worker, boss, family member, neighbor, teammate, artist co-collective member say something racist to you? How hard is it to find appropriate words to confront these statements in a loving articulate totally kicking racism in the ass kind of way? 
Well we are gonna practice talking!  Sounds small but these opportunities to shift consciousness happen everyday.
This will be the 2nd year for events like this!  In the past  attendance has been multi-racial and sometimes it's mostly white. 

This year we have a multi-racial facilitation team.  The original intent of these dialogues was to create space focused on talking to white people about racism.

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